For many people, the idea of gromming their new board themselves invokes so much anxiety, they opt not to do it at all. Which is fine if you like your board with it's fresh from the factory, white (or clear) finish. However, if plain is not your thing, yet you lack the confidence to use your board as a blank canvas, don't worry….you're not alone. Board art can be intimidating, but don't give up just because of fear.

Don't Overthink It!

Oftentimes, the first mistake people make is that they compare themselves and their designs (or abilities) to others. Even experienced artists do this and it's a total creativity buzzkill!

So, my first bit of advice is DON'T compare your design or skillset to someone else's! Who cares if someone else is a natural artist and came up with some killer design or is simply comfortable grabbing a can of spraypaint and within minutes...voila, the board looks sick! Just use them as inspiration, NOT as a reason to give up.

We are all different, this is a good thing. Your ability may not be as refined as someone else's, but once you've expressed yourself creatively through your own ideas and abilities, it's yours and that's all that matters.

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Don't compare your designs or skill set to someone else's! The old adage is true: practice makes perfect, and every artist spends a lot of time perfecting their craft and their own style over time.
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