¹grom verb: to transform something plain and ordinary into a sick expression of youthful awesomeness.

We thought of the name "GROM-IT" early on, which was inspired by the artwork created by groms. We love the carefree, uninhibited stoke that all groms possess, but we didn't want it to just be about groms (a 30 year old can still be a grom a heart). So we verbalized the noun, turning grom into an action.

It caught on quickly, because everyone started using it: "Hey, lets grom my skateboard!" or "I can't wait to grom my new board!"

There is also so much more to the term than just the action too, it's the whole process. It's a vibe that you get when you want to grom something, the excitement of actually having something to grom, the enthusiasm — and maybe nervousness — you feel when you're actually gromming it, and the satisfaction you feel once it's finally been grommed. It's really kind of addicting!

Through this enthusiasm GROM-IT has evolved into a place where people can express themselves, be recognized, and win for more than just their surfing skills.

It's a place to inspire and be inspired. A place for like-minded people from around the world to connect and interact.

Boards can be grommed with all manner of supplies: markers, paint pens, spraypaint, painters tape, stickers, etc.
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Started 1
Regardless of the tools, you use to grom your board, you always have the potential to inspire someone else.
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