GROM-IT® was inspired by our son, who started surfing at age 9. He grew up on the beach, always loved the ocean, and quickly became passionate about the sport that allowed him to ride its waves.

As his growth-spurt hit, he constantly needed new boards. He would sit for hours creating the most amazing designs on templates given to him by his shaper. Being an artist myself, I was thrilled to see such a raw expression of design and creativity. I loved them all!

With creativity usually being contagious, he inspired his sister and their friends to do designs on board templates too! Our dining room table would be crowded with groms, all focused on making the sickest design. They would be laughing, having a great time, and creating some truly amazing art.

As time moved on our son began competing and we spent a tremendous amount of time at surf contests. I noticed that almost everyone had done some sort of artwork on their boards. Regardless of quality, the designs were all so cool in their own way. Each of these groms were using their boards as an outlet for their own unique expression and creativity, which gave me an idea: wouldn't it be cool it there was a place for them to show off their art, be inspired by others, and potentially be rewarded at the same time?

And that's where the idea for GROM-IT was sparked. It's been an awesome journey bringing it to life and seeing it grow into what it is today: a global brand enabling people from all over the world to interact through the commonalities of boardsports, board art, and self-expression.

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Nikita applies black spraypaint for his next layer during this gromming session
Simple things like painter's tape can be one of the most useful tools for gromming your board
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