EXPRESS YOURSELF was designed to give people a designated platform to show off their board art. But, perhaps more importantly, it was also designed to inspire. We were surprised to find limited inspiration online when it came to board art, and what we did find tended to be art created by very experienced and advanced artists. That kind of art is certainly inspiring, but it can also be intimidating to those that don't possess that kind of talent or confidence.

Because of this, most of our How to Grom videos feature techniques that anyone can do, regardless of their artistic abilities. Our mission here is to inspire EVERYONE to express themselves through their board art and to be stoked about the whole process!

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Board art templates are a perfect way to exercise creativity!  Not only will you come up with your next board design, you are strengthening your ability to focus and relieving
Express 1
Don't think that you have to be Picasso to grom your board. Just taped off stripes with spraypaint looks sick!
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Just one of our many winning Board Art Entries from entries we've received from around the world!
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